Monday, 10 September 2012

Implementation of MPLAD Scheme

The MPLAD Scheme has benefitted the local community by meeting their various developmental needs such as drinking water facility, education, electricity, health and family welfare, community centres, irrigation, roads, pathways and bridges, etc. 
As on 31.08.2012, an amount of Rs. 26237.25 crore has been released since inception of the Scheme, out of which Rs. 23255.28 crore has been utilized. The cumulative utilisation percentage over cumulative release has risen steadily to 88.63% against 82.18% as in March 2004. 
With regard to physical achievements, about 15.32 lakh works have been recommended, 13.50 lakh works were sanctioned and about 12.14 lakh works have been completed, since inception of the Scheme. The percentage of cumulative works completed to cumulative works sanctioned, is 89.86% as on 31.08.2012, against 80.14 % as on March, 2004. 

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