Monday 5 November 2012

EC issues instructions for postal voting process for Gujarat polls

New Delhi:(Page3 News Network)-Election Commission has issued instructions for the postal voting process for those posted on election duty for coming Assembly Elections in Gujarat. 
Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat, Mrs.Anita Karwal indicated that officers and employees involved in the election process would be considered as ‘voters on election duty’ and would be given the facility of postal voting.
During the ongoing campaign to inform and educate the voters for their maximum participation in the democratic process, Election Commission is not willing to even spare the employees on election duty. However, such personnel would have to be registered as voters in their respective areas. 
Apart from the election observers and the polling staff attached to them, drivers, conductors and cleaners of vehicles acquired by the Election Commission for poll duty would also be considered as public servants and would be offered postal voting facility. 
Election Commission is also considering videographers as well as officials of expense monitoring teams, control room, help line staff deputed for maintenance of EVMs and other works on the day of polling for postal voting. 
However, the officials, who will be on election duty prior to polling day, but not on that day, would not be eligible for the postal voting facility.

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