Thursday, 8 November 2012

Third Phase of Small Development Projects (SDP-III) in Afghanistan

New Delhi:(Page3 News Network)-The Union Cabinet today approved the third phase of the Small Development Projects in Afghanistan. The outlay on the third phase of the Small Development Projects in US$ 100 million. 
The outlay for the third Phase of the Small Developmental Projects is US$ 100 Million (approximately Rs.500 crore). 
The Small Development Projects directly impact local communities and support social-economic development, provide livelihood, help conserve environmental and cultural heritage, empower women, promote child welfare and facilitate community life through creation of infrastructure in the education, health, agriculture and agro-industry, renewable energy, trade, transport and communication, recreation and community development sectors. 
Local communities of Afghanistan would directly benefit from the Small Development Projects. Exact number of beneficiaries cannot be verified. This will cover all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. 
The Small Development Projects were earlier implemented in two phases: the first in July 2006 comprising 50 projects worth US$ 11,216,179; and the second in June 2008 comprising 51 projects worth US$ 8,579,537. Most of the projects in the two phases have been completed
The projects will be implemented over a period of four years through local Afghan Government Bodies, Community Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Charitable Trusts and Education and Vocational Institutions. The expenditure on the projects will be met from the Non-Plan head of 'Aid to Afghanistan’ budget of the Ministry of External Affairs. 

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